Middle East Film and Comic Con 2015

Dubai Film & Comic Con

Dubai is perfectly positioned at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, attracting over 14 million tourists each year with its unique combination of Eastern traditions and Western comforts. Along with its sunshine, shopping, seaside, sports and safety, Dubai has earned a rapidly growing reputation as one the world’s most attractive and leading leisure destinations. The Atlanta Vision Clinic welcomes all who come to visit or vacation in our beloved city!

One event that draws many thousands of visitors to Dubai each year is the Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC). This is the region’s first and largest convention for fans of television, movies, science fiction, animation, comics, action and superheroes, Anime and Manga, cosplay, gaming entertainment, and more. This event brings together pop culture enthusiasts from around the world, supporting the media, licensing and entertainment industries, while encouraging a new generation of artists, writers, directors and entrepreneurs.

The 6th annual MEFCC took place April 6-8, 2017, at the Dubai World Trade Center, drawing over 70,000 loyal fans. By all counts, the event was a tremendous success in every sense of the word. Many attendees came in costume, dressed as their favorite characters. There was a buzz of excitement in the air that you don’t see at just any huge gathering of people.

MEFCC 2017 event featured celebrity guest appearances from Anthony Mackie (Avengers, Captain America); Liam Cunningham (Clash of the Titans, Game of Thrones); Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Star Wars, Star Trek); Kevin Smith (The Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy); Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead); Chad Hardin, lead artist of DC’s popular Harley Quinn series; Simone Bianchi, the legendary Italian comic book illustrator; James C. Mulligan, one of the lead artists with the Walt Disney Company; and Linda Le, an American cosplayer, costumer and artist (also known as “Vampy Bit Me”).

Other highlights of MEFCC 2017 was a “Star Trek: 50 Artists, 50 Years” exhibit, a traveling art display featuring Star Trek-inspired works by 50 artists; a Dodgeball Cup at Rani “Fun Zone,” with celebrity guest judges Jamal Duff and Missi Pyle; the Splash Cosplay Competition; and a full program of workshops presented by entertainment professionals. The workshops covered such topics as animation, game development, acting, voice acting, VFX make-up, storyboarding and scriptwriting.

In addition, vendors from the entertainment industry were on hand, showcasing products such as games, t-shirts, comic books, action figures and statues, branded electronics, posters, signed memorabilia, original artwork, and other collectibles.

Of course, MEFCC is not only an opportunity for fans to meet celebrities and artists, watch exclusive previews, purchase limited edition merchandise or take part in exciting competitions, it’s also a chance to connect with thousands of other fans from the Middle East region, and truly, the entire world. There is something really thrilling about meeting someone who likes Star Trek or Anime, just as much as you do!

To give you a little history about Comic-Con conventions, the very first Comic-Con event took place in 1970. It was held at San Diego’s U.S. Grant Hotel with about 300 people in attendance. Over the years, Comic-Con events have became increasingly popular, allowing fans to connect with their favorite characters from popular culture and the mainstream media. Today, Comic-Con events have become a worldwide phenomenon, and are held in almost every major city around the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans every year.

The 2017 MEFCC event was an incredibly vibrant and highly-detailed visual spectacle, as was previous years. In fact, it was such a great weekend that everyone’s talking about the next the MEFCC convention. The way time flies, it’ll be here before we know it! And when it’s here, the Atlanta Vision Clinic wants you to see everything clearly—and to not miss out on a single visual detail.

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