Patients Reviews

t5Lauren Harris said: The ladies were more than helpful and made the whole experience a pleasure. Their understanding, caring and knowledge was endless. The procedure took less than 10 minutes in total and Dr. Ashraf was extremely professional, compassionate and talked me through the procedure. I left the clinic and went out to lunch — I did not experience any discomfort. My eyes were sensitive to the light but I just wore my sunglasses. I was back to normal within one day. I went to all my follow-up appointments with improvement on every occasion. I am extremely thrilled that I had this procedure and I have and will always recommend Atlanta Vision and LASIK surgery. I have had such a fantastic experience with Atlanta Vision and am delighted with the results of my surgery. If I had known how simple, painless and quick the procedure was, I would have had it years ago! From the initial consultation to the check-ups, the process has been fantastic. The whole team at Atlanta Vision have been great.

Dubai Patients LASIK ReviewTilda Bowden said: My surgery was incredibly quick and totally pain free. There was no “bad bit” and I found the whole process to be much easier than having a filling done at the dentist! I had no pain afterwards and although I had been warned of watery eyes and light sensitivity, I have not experienced either of these. My vision is now perfect and I am delighted. Thank you so much!

Dubai Patients LASIK ReviewFionnuala Munnely said: I wish I hadn’t waited so long! My experience at Atlanta Vision Clinic in Dubai was helpful and the staff was very friendly. I chose LASIK after experiencing sensitivity to contact lenses and I do not like to wear glasses.

Dubai Patients LASIK ReviewSarah Cousin said: LASIK is life changing! The procedure doesn’t hurt at all. There’s no need to stress — Atlanta Vision provides the perfect conditions. It was a very quick and comfortable experience. The recovery period is extremely short. I had a dryness problem after the surgery but now I can see good results so I am very happy. Thank you for the great follow-up, consultation and advice from both Dr. Ashraf and Dr. Huda.

Dubai Patients LASIK ReviewTony Barnard wrote:
I was disappointed I didn’t consider LASIK earlier. It was quick and painless!

Dubai Patients LASIK ReviewLouie Habbal wrote:
Overall, I’m quite happy. I did experience some ”mild discomfort” following the procedure, but otherwise it was a positive experience!