Affordable LASIK in Dubai

Atlanta Vision Eye Clinic has provided LASIK refractive surgery to patients longer than any other eye care practice in Dubai. With LASIK, our patients can improve their vision without the need to wear prescription lenses (glasses and contacts). We are pleased to offer our expertise, precise surgical skills and advanced laser technology at a competitive price.

For a limited time, Atlanta Vision Eye Clinic is pleased to offer a 20% discount on IntraLasik.

What LASIK Treats

LASIK Refractive Surgery Dubai, UAELASIK is a procedure that corrects common refractive errors, such as:

Farsightedness: Hyperopia is typically caused by a slightly flattened cornea or shorter-than-average eyeball. This imperfect shape causes incoming light to focus behind the retina, which makes seeing faraway objects more difficult.

Nearsightedness: Myopia occurs when the cornea has a sharper curve or the eyeball is mildly longer than normal. As a result, the incoming light focuses on the front of the retina, making distance vision more difficult.

Astigmatism: A cornea with an uneven surface can make focusing difficult at various distances.


The cost of LASIK at the Atlanta Vision Eye Clinic in Dubai is typically between 3000 and 7000 AED per eye. Although Daman-Premier insurance covers LASIK in full, most vision and health insurance plans do not cover LASIK surgery. However, many insurance companies offer discounts to their policy holders, so it is worth looking up what benefits you are entitled to. Our practice accepts insurance plans from DAMAN, THIQA, AETNA, ADNIC, SAICO and INAYAH TPA.

Currently, Atlanta Vision is offering a 20% off promotion to our customers. This discounted price is a great way for you to improve your vision and decrease your reliance on prescription lenses. You may find it useful to look at LASIK as a long-term investment: after about a decade, you will have spent less on LASIK than you would to obtain new frames and contact lenses on an ongoing basis.

Procedure Details

Eye Care Clinic Dubai, UAEAhead of your scheduled surgery, you will receive numbing eye drops to keep your eyes comfortable. The surgery itself is quick, usually completed in under 10 minutes. First, your surgeon creates a tiny flap on the outer layer of your cornea. After pulling back this flap, the eye surgeon uses the laser to reshape the cornea with precision. Once the curvature of the cornea has been improved, the light will refract correctly, minimizing previous nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism.

Atlanta Vision Eye Clinic will schedule a series of follow-up appointments to check on your eye health and for the improvement in vision. Most patients find that they can see better (without wearing glasses and contact lenses) by the day after surgery, although that timetable may differ from patient to patient.

Testimonials from Real Atlanta Vision Eye Clinic Patients

“This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I now have better vision than I did when wearing glasses. The team here is fantastic and made me feel at ease from the second I walked in. I couldn’t recommend them enough.” – M.H.

“After years of going back and forth on my decision to get LASIK done, having a consultation at Atlanta Vision decided it for me. From the beginning, the doctors made me feel really comfortable and answered all my questions honestly. The procedure itself was very fast and almost painless.” – S.T.

“I was so nervous and scared about letting anyone near my eyes, but I had the best experience at Atlanta Vision. I cannot thank Dr. Ashraf and his team enough: they changed my vision and, with this, my quality of life. During my research, I noticed that there are a few cheaper options in the market, but I understand now that using the best laser machines and maintaining them comes at a certain cost and I was more than happy to pay a slightly higher price for this.” – N.Z.

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